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HITOP Industrial Holdings is a provider of Industrial Automation Solution to the Industries to fulfill the needs of quality pneumatic components, clamping solutions and automatic assembly equipment for the motion, control and manufacturing industries. Since its establishment, the company has made a significant impact within the industry to become the supplier of choice for many well-known manufacturing plants.

We invest in R&D with joint research with leading universities to enable continuous innovation to our products and to realize our key competencies and competiveness.

HITOP adapts Lean Manufacturing in our Value Streams by creating flow in the plant. Our high-precision CNC Machining and Testing center has enabled us to supply a comprehensive range of competitive quality products and on time delivery to our customers.

Our equipment and industrial automation solutions are widely used in the manufacturing of 3C products, Renewable Energy and Automotive industries.

Our vision is to create a sustainable, competitive advantage for our customers by focusing on product development, quality, cost and delivery through our skilled people. Our comprehensive range and quality track records show that we are well positioned for global growth.



 National High-tech Enteprise                            Shenzhen High-tech Enteprise


• Bao'an District 2013 Annual Independent Innovation  Science-and-Technology Enterprise

• Assistant Director of the Unit of Robotics Industry  Innovation Alliance of Bao'an District of

   Shenzhen City

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